POLE – 8 week course            from $35 p/week

We offer weekly classes for the ‘absolute no fitness at all’ Beginner through to Advanced. Pole is a great addition to any exercise regime; resistance training and cardio combined makes pole not only a great workout but a whole lot of fun! Our brand new state-of-the-art studio dedicated just for pole is a comfortable environment for all ages, shapes and sizes. Our instructors are highly trained professionals, with backgrounds in dance and fitness they are among the best in the industry.

I have no fitness at all?
Not a problem. If you can walk around the pole you can learn pole. Everyone starts at the same learning level with progression through the grades at your own pace.

What do I wear?
Whatever fitness wear makes you comfortable however we do ask that 3/4 tights are preferred over full length as behind your knee will need to grip the pole – ‘skin on pole’ we say. Footwear is your choice — gym shoes, barefoot or for those of you that love heels bring along a pair of your favourites.

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Our 8-Week Terms:

Offer a week by week learning syllabus. We recommend that you attend pole at least twice per week, with at least one other form of strength-based exercise.

Membership Freeze:

We understand that ‘pole’ doesn’t always come first so you have the option to freeze your Pole Empire membership for up to 3 months.

Casual Classes:

$40 each visit – Casual visits are an option if you cannot commit to entire Pole term. Does not apply to Beginners.

TERM 5 AUG 24-OCT 18



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If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is where the journey begins. In this 8-week very basic Beginner course you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique and strength training, and you’ll learn simple weight bearing moves and combinations. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in a Beginners Course – You may have never even seen a pole before! ALL Fitness levels welcome!


Basic 4-week introduction to pole.
You will learn a few basic pole tricks and combinations. How to climb, sit and stand on the pole with all the head and body rolls that go with pole fun and fitness.

All fitness levels welcome.


This class is designed to build upon the basics you’ve learned in Beginner Pole. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. In essence, this is the level where pole students begin to dance in the air for the first time while building the strength they will need to prepare for inverted techniques. Prerequisites to enrol are completion of Beginner course


This class is designed for students who have been working on climbs and spins and are ready to begin basic pole inversions. You will continue to learn more advanced climbs, spins, and floor work variations while building the strength and confidence necessary for proper inversion technique.


This class is designed for the student that has proper grounded inversion technique so in this level will learn how to take it aerially. The emphasis is on leg hangs, climbing variations, and spinning inversions. You’ll learn creative ways to travel up and down the pole as well as how to control your speed while maintaining your flow. The emphasis will be placed on body awareness and connecting movement along with the technical specifics of the skills being taught. Intermediate 2 will take your strength training to a whole new level.


This class is designed for the student who is already comfortable with Intermediate 2 inversions (both grounded and aerially), leg hangs, climbing variations, and spinning pole. This level will bring your training to a whole new dimension with power spins, and challenging holds which involve fewer and/or smaller points of contact. You will learn how to bring all the skills you’ve acquired together to execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations.


This class is designed to improve on the strength needed for aerial inverts and shoulder mounts, more advanced inversions with grip variations, and improve on the flexibility needed for aerial up, down and box splits. You’ll deepen your connection to the music, focus on proper body alignment, find your own style, and improve your overall quality of movement. This is the level where the student truly begins to find their unique strengths and style as a pole dance athlete/artist.


This class is designed to challenge the advanced student with the highest-level strength and flexibility tricks, building challenging sequences with a focus on more intricate and fluid transitions, dynamic flows, flips, drops, and tumbles. The focus is on the balance of strength, power, fluidity, and grace at the highest level.


Yoga is excellent for strength building, flexibility and fitness. We’ve combined yoga with the pole as a prop, along with stretch bands and blocks to deepen the poses and assist you in stretching.

This class will help you increase your body’s range of motion with a focus on backbends, shoulder flexibility, leg splits and straddles also core conditioning and inversion exercises.

All levels from absolute Beginners to Advanced. You DO NOT need to be enrolled in pole fitness classes to attend this class. Clothing to be comfortable, covered and cool.


Learn the age-old art of seduction in this modern lap dance and striptease course. Guaranteed to build your confidence as you strut, shimmy, bend, and snap with one of Sydney’s best showgirls, Miss Amber Ray.

We will teach you classic moves, transitions, and combinations around chairs, how to slide, bump n grind confidently on the floor and the art of strutting around a pole with sass and super sexy poise. Learning to seductive reveal is exciting and liberating – we will show you how to remove your items of clothing with ease and confidence.

Every week you will learn a new choreographed routine, a great workout with a twist and lots of giggles.

No fitness required. No experience necessary.


Bare legs are essential for pole work as skin is what grips the pole.  Bring along shorts or pants that can be rolled up to expose the back of your knees and your top half can be any fitness wear that you are comfortable wearing.  Footwear is your choice – bare feet, trainers or your favourite pair of high-heels. On the day of your class it is vital that your hands, legs and thighs are free from all creams and oils so you have a better grip of the pole and don’t forget your water bottle and towel. Remember feeling sexy and empowered is also about feeling comfortable!



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