Most people believe I’ve always been a ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ person who probably played sports as a kid growing up. I hear it all the time, “but you’ve always been fit, so it’s easy for you.”

Honestly, I have to laugh as that couldn’t be further from the truth. Growing up I hated sport. The word healthy simply didn’t exist in my world. I was rebellious, hard-headed and completely extreme with the party scene. As a teenager and early adult I would easily smoke a packet of cigarettes a day and go on weekend benders where drugs and alcohol were simply the ‘norm.’ There was absolutely no interest in fitness and health at all, and I had no idea how it would eventually change & transform my life.

I spent a good 10 years smoking and 5 years of solid partying before I completely snapped. At my lowest point I couldn’t see my 39kg weight being an issue or why people said I looked too skinny. I WAS FINE! But over time the novelty wore off, and I was sick to death of waking up feeling like absolute crap. Not being able to function through the day with feelings of always being tired, irritated & irrational. Not only was it affecting me, but my actions were also affecting my family in a big way.

So, after many years and getting to my low of all lows, I made the decision to turn my extreme attitude into something positive. I wanted to feel strength, power and confidence within myself, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally too. So I joined my local gym where a trainer took interest in helping me become a brand new person. I had no idea how to train or what exercise worked what muscle or anything at all, a complete novice to the gym in every way you could think of. All I had was a burning desire to change the way I was feeling and get strong.

At first it was tough, no doubt. Yes, I was sore and it took a bit of time to get used to the changes, but once I passed that point I was hooked! Watching my strength grow and seeing and feeling the changes sparked something inside me. Six months later I decided I wanted to compete in a fitness modelling show and I did everything in my power to make it happen. Reaching that first milestone set the pace for a complete transformation in my career, attitude & life.

Eighteen shows later, holding a four time State Championship title, Australian Fitness Model Champion title & representing my country as a professional athlete it’s hard to believe who I use to be.

Now as gym owner & coach of Fitness Empire, I’ve made it my purpose is to show people that anything is possible in this life. It’s about persistence, mindset and consistency in really wanting something. If we can change our perspective and make healthy living part of who we are and what we do, then we are on the right track to creating healthier and stronger individuals.



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